As you awaken in a strange room, you quickly realise that you have been handcuffed and are unable to move. To make matters worse, you have no memory of how you got there.

A psycho serial killer is monitoring your every move, and it becomes clear that you are merely pawns in his sickening game. You must use all of your resources and ingenuity to escape before he claims you as his next victims.

In this high-stakes escape room, you'll need to work together with your team to solve clues, decipher puzzles, and find hidden objects that will lead you to freedom. Can you outsmart the serial killer and escape before time runs out?

Do you have what it takes to survive this heart-pounding adventure? Find out in Survival, the ultimate escape room experience.
Number of Players 2 - 7
Success Rate 53%
Time Limit 60 minutes
Price Per Person 2 - 3 players : £25 pp
4 - 7 players : £20 pp



    1 Hustlergate, Bradford, BD1 1RE


    01274 753173